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Published on April 03, 2024
Bloomington Honors First Line of Help During National Public Safety Telecommunicators WeekSource: CITY OF BLOOMINGTON

When trouble strikes, it's the calm voice on the end of the line that reigns in the chaos. From April 14th to 20th, Bloomington takes a moment to acknowledge these unsung heroes during National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week. These professionals are the ones jumping into action when the rest of us are seeking help, as they field emergency calls and deploy critical services to those in need.

Telecommunicators do more than just answer phones; they’re vital links in the chain of public safety, snagging details under pressure, offering comfort to the shaken, and ensuring the right sort of assistance makes its way swiftly to where it's needed. According to the city's police chief, Chief Booker Hodges told the City of Bloomington’s website, “The work our telecommunicators do every day is invaluable to our city and its police and fire departments.”

Bloomington is staffed with 12 public safety telecommunicators, a radio communications technician, and a training and quality assurance coordinator to make sure that, come that desperate moment, residents are met with nothing but the most professional service. This team dedicates itself to being the lifeline for folks gripped by emergencies, dealing with everything from medical crises to fires and crime.

In a nod of appreciation, Chief Hodges emphasized the quality of these responders, asserting, “Our community can be assured they are being served by the very best.” So as National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week approaches, be ready to give a shout-out to these responders who are always there, waiting to offer an expert hand during our most pressing times. It's a rare chance to reflect on the ones who pick up the call when help is the only thing we seek.