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Published on April 03, 2024
Bloomington's New Fire Station 4 Clinches Construction Award of ExcellenceSource: City of Bloomington

Bloomington's bravest have another reason to puff their chests as the new Fire Station 4 scooped up an award of excellence from the Minnesota Construction Association. This accolade shines a light on the standout 25,000-square-foot facility located at 4201 W. 84th St., applauding its thoughtful design and construction that now houses the city's life-saving heroes.

The award-winning effort is thanks to the brains of CNH Architects and the brawn of Terra Construction, who teamed up to bring this critical infrastructure from the blueprint to reality, Terra Construction took the initiative to submit the praised project to the MCA's contest, showcasing their handiwork for critical review. The new firehouse not only comes with top-of-the-line living accommodations for fire personnel, but it also stands as a beacon of modern preparedness designed to serve the community with agility and vigor.

Constructed to replace it's over half-century-old predecessor, the fire station sprang into full service in August. "Since it opened in August, Station 4 crews have responded to about 2,100 calls, including one nearby," Assistant Fire Chief Jay Forster recounted the poignant moment when the new station's crews swiftly arrived on a nearby scene to rescue two people with disabilities; he shared this statement with BloomingtonMN.gov, highlighting the critical impact of the new facility.

Addressing an essential need identified in a space study, the new Fire Station 4 is Bloomington's first firehouse to have undergone such a comprehensive renewal, further cementing the ambition of revitalizing the city's emergency response capabilities, thanks to the foresight and dedication of Bloomington's civic and construction communities alike. For residents seeking more information about the upgrades or the services afforded by their local fire stations, illuminating details await at the Bloomington Fire Department's official website.