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Published on April 09, 2024
Boston Man Pleads Guilty to Sex Trafficking Minor, Faces Potential Life in PrisonSource: Unsplash/ Tingey Injury Law Firm

A Boston man has admitted to the sordid crime of sex trafficking a minor and coercing women into prostitution, officials said yesterday. Jimall Dawn Brown, 35, pled guilty to multiple counts, including trafficking a minor for sex, according to federal authorities.

Prosecutors detailed how Brown had been running an exploitative scheme, luring his victims with false promises of a more affluent lifestyle. Following his guilty plea, U.S. District Court Judge Leo T. Sorokin has set Brown's sentencing for July 9, 2024. First indicted by a federal grand jury in November 2022, Brown now faces a serious stretch of time behind bars with the possibility of a life sentence, the Justice Department reported.

“Jimall Brown is one of far too many people this office has prosecuted for human trafficking. The pattern is remarkably predictable and it is happening far too often right here in our backyard. Brown promised his victims a better life, but in reality, he exploited them for his financial gain, selling them for sex repeatedly,” asserting that Brown sold his victims for sex "repeatedly" for his own financial benefit. Special Agent in Charge of the FBI Boston Division, Jodi Cohen, added that the day Brown's sentence is finalized would be one of contentment, as it would prevent further victimization.

Evidence presented in the case showed that in 2022, Brown ensnared a 17-year-old, first connecting with her on social media before trafficking her to engage in commercial sex acts. He manipulated the victim, who was not from Massachusetts, into believing she would experience a "better lifestyle" but instead arranged for her to have paid sex, pocketing all the proceeds. This was not an isolated incident, as Brown had previously persuaded other women into prostitution under false pretenses in 2016 and 2019.

The FBI underscored the deep and enduring harm sex trafficking imparts on victims, with Cohen stating, “The scars borne by sex trafficking victims are certainly emotional, often physical, and always long-lasting. Targeting traffickers and bringing them to justice is a vitally important mission for law enforcement and a major benefit to society itself,” Suffolk County District Attorney Kevin Hayden echoed the sentiment, explaining that nabbing traffickers like Brown is critical for both law enforcement and society.

Sex trafficking convictions carry hefty penalties, including mandatory minimum sentences and fines that can escalate to a quarter of a million dollars. Those found guilty are also subject to mandatory restitution and forfeiture. Law enforcement and prosecutors, such as Assistant U.S. Attorney Torey B. Cummings, who leads the prosecution of this case, continue their efforts alongside various police departments to curb this insidious trade.

Victims of commercial sex trafficking or those who know someone who may be affected by such crimes can seek assistance by contacting [email protected]