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Published on April 02, 2024
Douglas County Search Intensifies for Missing Teen in Jack Skellington PJsSource: Douglas County Sheriff's Office

The Douglas County Sheriff's Office is actively looking for a 17-year-old girl, Christe-Una Clarshay Allen, who vanished from her home in Douglas County, GA. Last seen clad in her distinctive white and black Jack the Pumpkin King Pajamas, along with white crocs, her absence has triggered a community-wide search. Standing 5'0" and weighing about 110 pounds, Allen also sports black and blue box braids and possesses brown eyes, painting a clear picture for those on the lookout.

Authorities were first alerted to her disappearance and immediately issued a BOLO—Be On the Lookout—alert for the juvenile. According to the Douglas County Sheriff's Office's website, born on January 14, 2007, Allen has become the subject of a region-wide push to unearth any clue that could lead to her safe return. Wearing her hair in black and blue box braids, the missing girl's description has been widely circulated in hopes of a swift resolution.

Investigator Almond has been appointed as the point person for all information related to Allen's disappearance. The Sheriff's Office has asked anyone with information that can lead to locating the missing teen to come forward, underscoring the urgency with which they are approaching this case. Members of the public are urged to contact Investigator Almond directly at 770-920-3914 or through the provided email address, [email protected], with any details they deem pertinent.