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Published on April 12, 2024
Father Kills Newborn Daughter with Antifreeze-Breast Milk Mixture; South Fulton Man Faces 50 YearsSource: Unsplash/ Guido Coppa

Curtis Jack of South Fulton has been sentenced to half a century behind bars for the unthinkable act of poisoning his newborn daughter with antifreeze, law enforcement officials revealed. The South Fulton Police Department, in a chilling account, confirmed that Jack received a 50-year sentence with an order to serve 40 years in custody for his crime, according to FOX5 Atlanta.

The saga unfolded when Jack obtained breastmilk from the baby's hospitalized mother on October 10, 2020—just days after her birth on September 24—and delivered the milk to the infant's grandmother. Having previously pressured the mother to end her pregnancy, he saw the newborn fall critically ill within 24 hours of consuming the poisoned breastmilk, which led to suspicions and his eventual confession amid law enforcement investigations. He admitted to lacing the milk with the deadly substance to detectives of the South Fulton Police Department, reports KTVZ.

During a riveting trial, the prosecution presented testimonies that painted a vivid portrait of the betrayal. The State called upon the traumatized mother, the bewildered grandmother, numerous law enforcement officers, and medical experts to the stand, including a demonstration detailing the ease with which the breastmilk was contaminated with antifreeze. All counts of the indictment found Jack guilty, sealing his fate for the next several decades.

The State presented testimonies from the child's mother, grandmother, law enforcement officers, and medical experts, FOX5 Atlanta reported, emphasizing the thoroughness of the legal proceedings that culminated in Jack's conviction. The child's relationship with the man convicted of altering the course of her life was established by the jury beyond all doubts, with law enforcement and medical testimony corroborating the heartbreaking betrayal.