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Published on April 03, 2024
Grand Prairie Police to Boost Community Safety with "Dog Walker Watch" Meeting on April 6Source: Google Street View

Grand Prairie's finest four-legged friends and their owners are in for a treat this weekend as the Grand Prairie Police Department hosts its latest "Dog Walker Watch" meeting. Slated for this Saturday, April 6 at 9 am, community members are encouraged to bring their dogs to the Public Safety Building at 1525 Arkansas Ln to mingle with local officers, according to the Grand Prairie Police Department.

The initiative is part of the GPPD's efforts to beef up local crime-fighting by engaging dog walkers, who they view as the "eyes and ears" of the neighborhood – a fact better understood when considering these individuals are often out and about, traversing the very streets where the subtle signs of suspicious activity might first emerge, the watch program is essentially training residents to be more observant and how to identify and report questionable behavior. With a dog by their side, residents may feel a greater sense of security and empowerment as they take an active role in safeguarding their community.

In a statement shared on their Facebook page, the Grand Prairie Police Department invites locals to "come learn how to spot suspicious activity and stay safe while walking," highlighting the educational aspect of the event. According to the post, attendees will be given tips on how to remain vigilant and proactive in crime prevention while they are walking their pets.

Details for the event were clearly outlined on the Grand Prairie Police Department's Facebook page; eager participants simply need to show up with their leashed companions at the designated meeting spot. Emphasizing the community spirit, the police department's post adds a dash of personality, encouraging community members not to miss the "pawsome opportunity to make a difference" in their "commUNITY."