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Published on April 03, 2024
'Hatch Bloomington' Offers $100K to Inspiring Entrepreneurs to Energize Local EconomySource: City of Bloomington, Minnesota

In a bold move to inject some entrepreneurial spirit into the Bloomington area, officials from the City and the Minneapolis Regional Chamber have rolled out the red carpet for the business-minded with a plump $100,000 carrot dangling at the end of a competitive stick. Announced last month and branded 'Hatch Bloomington,' this challenge is all about inviting sharp-witted entrepreneurs to step up to the plate and pitch their most compelling business proposals, hoping to land a cash infusion to set up shop within the city's limits.

The deal here is simple — got a hot new business idea and see it drawing customers in Bloomington's up-and-coming commercial districts? Hatch Bloomington just might be your ticket to realizing that dream, with applications now open and running until the third of May, and the economic prize is hefty, to the tune of a cool hundred grand and a suite of other perks intended to not just get businesses up but running, connecting them with a broader network, because, after all, it takes a village, not just a savvy business owner, to create a buzz in the community.

According to the competition's official announcement, Hatch Bloomington isn't merely throwing out cash for the sake of it; the initiative seeks contestants envisioning a storefront that meshes and positively contributes to Bloomington's energetic business scene.

Bloomington Mayor Tim Busse proudly touted the competition, "We are thrilled to launch Hatch Bloomington and invite entrepreneurs who share our vision for a thriving local economy to participate," and indeed, if the city's vision bears fruit, those entrepreneurs may be the spark that lights the fire of financial prosperity in Bloomington, creating a fresher, more alive community that stands out, even in the bustling Twin Cities metropolitan area.

Those game enough to step into the competitive ring can find all the nitty-gritty details and make their pitch known by visiting the campaign's website, teeming with the necessary tools and opportunities to grow a fledgling venture into a potentially profitable and vital part of Bloomington's economic tapestry.