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Published on April 02, 2024
Hillsboro's City Views Newsletter Goes Green with 100% Recyclable Glossy PaperSource: Hillsboro Oregon

In Hillsboro, the times are changing—and so is the City Views newsletter. Responding to a barrage of concerns voiced by its residents, Hillsboro has revamped its traditional print newsletter, forgoing its previous, pungent-inked paper for 100% recyclable glossy paper. According to an official announcement on the City Views website, this shift not only addresses smell complaints but enhances the visual appeal of the publication.

The decision came after years of calls and emails, pouring in from concerned citizens, which finally pushed the newslatter to embrace the glossy paper already in use for the issue's insert. Moving beyond mere scent considerations, the quality of imagery was also a driving factor—the old uncoated paper often left images looking lifeless and dark. The City Views change aims to bring bright and colorful images to the forefront, hoping to capture the attention of those who might not typically indulge in the musings of municipal matters.

Despite the ink smell that previously dogged readers, it was the subdued photo quality that left them straining their eyes. "In addition to mitigating the ink smell, the previous uncoated paper left photos dark, dull, and difficult for readers to see," the city stated. With the shift to the glossy format, City Views intends to connect with a broader audience, offering a visually arresting medium that delivers local government information with clarity and vibrancy.

Turning a new page, the city is putting its commitment to sustainability in the spotlight. By printing the newsletter on paper that utilizes post-consumer waste recycled content, Hillsboro signals its dedication to both the aesthetic and environmental concerns of its populace. The colorful, bright visuals that come with the territory serve as a bridge—an effort by the local government to not only inform but visually engage with residents within the community fabric.