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Published on April 16, 2024
Lake Havasu City Couple Charged with Methamphetamines Peddling, Child Abuse Following Sting OperationSource: City of Lake Havasu

In what unfolded as a grim tableau of narcotics peddling and child endangerment, two Lake Havasu City residents have been ensnared by the long arm of the law. Alberto Vazquez, 42, and Tiffany Ayala, 40, found themselves in handcuffs following a targeted sting operation by authorities on their Interlake Drive residence. The raid, which took place in the morning hours of March 27, unearthed a sizeable stash of methamphetamines, touted to be approximately a half pound in weight.

The successful clampdown was the result of intricate investigative work spearheaded by the Lake Havasu City Police Department’s Special Investigations Unit and supplemented by the Street Crimes and Criminal Investigations Units. The suspects' disregard for the welfare of a young child living in the dwelling, with illicit substances and paraphernalia reportedly within the child's reach, has added a disturbing layer to the charges. In a statement obtained by, the Police Department indicated both Vazquez and Ayala are being charged with possession of dangerous drugs for sale, possession of drug paraphernalia, and child abuse.

In the courtroom's subsequent routine procedurals, the alleged drug dealers were slapped with a $50,000 bond each. They have since been transferred to the custody of the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office, as they await the advancement of their legal plights.

The local community, often insulated from the gritty reality of hardcore substance trafficking, has been shaken by the revelation of such activities burgeoning in their midst. Sergeant Kyle Ridgway, a Public Information Officer with the department, was the bearer of the unsettling news.