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Published on April 16, 2024
Lake Havasu City Fire Crews Quell Garage Fire, No Casualties ReportedSource: Google Street View

Lake Havasu City Fire Department battles garage fire, no injuries reported. A fire erupted in a residential garage on Tovar Ln last week, with the homeowner alerting authorities after spotting smoke pouring out of a motorhome housed within. According to the official release from the Lake Havasu City website, the occupants made it out unscathed and firefighters were able to tackle the flames that had firefighters on their toes as they put out the fierce blaze that took about an hour to get under control.

Multiple fire companies, including five engines and a truck company, along with a Battalion Chief responded to the call, the mayhem began around 3 p.m. on the 9th of April, and after an intense sixty minutes of firefighting, the situation was reined in. It's a relief to know that despite the potentially calamitous situation, no injuries were suffered, neither by the residents nor the brave souls of the fire department. The LHCFD CERT team was on hand as well, providing necessary rehab services for the fatigued firefighters while the Desert Hills Fire Department pitched in, covering additional calls in Lake Havasu City during the incident.

In the aftermath of the destruction, the crews didn't clear the scene immediately, rather they stayed back for around two and a half additional hours carrying out what they term "salvage operations," specifics of these operations were not detailed in the information currently available. Local officials have not yet pinpointed the cause of the fire, with investigations still underway to unravel the origins of the conflagration that led to this harrowing event.

The Lake Havasu City authorities have directed inquiries to the on-duty Battalion Chief or to the Fire Administration itself.