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Published on April 02, 2024
Lebanon Walmart Distribution Center Hazmat Incident Leaves 12 Sick, Sparks Emergency ResponseSource: Lebanon Police Department

A hazmat incident at the Walmart Distribution Center in Lebanon triggered a response from emergency crews after an unknown powdered substance spilled inside two semi-trailers Monday evening. According to WKRN, the Wilson County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) was notified just before 8 p.m. and quickly secured the scene, containing the spill to the vehicles in question.

The event resulted in 12 individuals falling ill with nausea, necessitating medical evaluations for the victims who were on the scene when decontamination processes began, ten of those affected were treated and released while two were hospitalized after leaving the site for further treatment at Vanderbilt Wilson County hospital, this according to a statement from the EMA. Local news outlet WSMV reported that crews are actively working to identify the hazardous material and determine the cause of the spill.

The Lebanon Police Department (LPD), aiding the Lebanon Fire Department (LFD) and Wilson County EMA, confirmed the situation in a tweet from their official account. The LPD acknowledged that only a small amount of the substance was spilled but underscored the need for a contained response area within the two trailers, as shared via the department's X account.

While the substance remains unidentified, officials have assured there is no imminent threat to the public at large, the heavy presence of emergency personnel at the Walmart Distribution Center continues as crews maintain their vigil to oversee cleanup efforts and conduct a thorough investigation into the nature and potential risks of the spilled material. Local residents have been advised to avoid the immediate area near Hixson Pike and the Central Pike-Interstate 840 interchange where the center is located until further notice.