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Published on April 17, 2024
UPDATE: Man Accused of Firing 90 Rounds in LA Rooftop Shooting Spree, Charged with Attempted MurderSource: Google Street View

In Marina del Rey, chaos erupted when a local man went on a violent shooting spree at an apartment complex, prompting District Attorney George Gascón to file a barrage of charges against the assailant, Victoryloc Nguyen. According to a statement from the DA's office, Nguyen's unprovoked attack on April 13 saw over 90 rounds fired at law enforcement and civilians alike, although miraculously, not a single person was injured.

Nguyen, who reportedly donned a tactical vest and wielded two assault weapons, and a handgun, faces charges that include attempted murder of both peace officers and a civilian, assault with a machine gun, shooting at an inhabited dwelling, and first-degree residential burglary. "I am deeply outraged by the senseless shooting rampage carried out by Mr. Nguyen and I am thankful that no one was injured," Gascón stated, expressing gratitude that no one was hurt during the onslaught. Nguyen's not-guilty plea was entered yesterday, with his preliminary hearing set for May 13.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Central Patrol Division Chief Bobby Wyche lauded the swift response of deputies who managed to arrest Nguyen without firing a shot, emphasizing the gravity of the situation. "Our deputy personnel, along with other local law enforcement agencies, were able to quickly respond, locate, and arrest the suspect without firing a single shot," Wyche said. "We are extremely grateful that nobody was injured during this incident and that he will be held accountable for his reckless actions."

The court has set a substantial bail at $5.275 million for Nguyen, whose shooting rampage lasted approximately three hours, starting at around 10:30 p.m. If convicted as charged, life in prison awaits Nguyen, who also allegedly fired at the apartments he lived in. The case remains under investigation by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.