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Published on April 10, 2024
New Tazewell Jail Worker's Husband Charged with Her Murder, A Community in ShockSource: Unsplash/ David von Diemar

In a harrowing case out of New Tazewell, Tennessee, a man has been charged with the brutal murder of his wife, a Claiborne County Jail employee. According to WVLT, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) and Claiborne County Sheriff's Office began their investigation into the death of 49-year-old Lori Ann Hopson on April 2, after she was discovered dead alongside Barren Creek Road.

Benjamin Wayne Hopson, 37, was later determined as the assailant by TBI agents and detectives, who pieced together evidence from the crime scene. Lori, found outside a vehicle, was attacked with a knife by her husband as they were driving, authorities said. Her wounds were grave—she sustained multiple stabs to the chest before the car crashed, leading to a final, fatal cut to her throat. According to a statement from the Claiborne County Mayor Joseph Brooks obtained by WVLT, the community is shaken, seeking solace in prayers for healing and justice for the family of the deceased.

The gruesome details are relayed in Benjamin Hopson's arrest warrant. Witnesses described the suspect in a disturbing state—naked and wet with blood on his hand and body, as reported by WOKI. Lori Hopson, a jail corrections officer, notably oversaw the kitchen at the facility where her husband is now detained.

Benjamin Hopson, facing a charge of criminal homicide, is currently being held on a $1 million bond, with the case stirring local and national attention due to its shocking nature and the involvement of a public servant. Confirming Benjamin's incarceration, authorities noted that he was served with a homicide warrant while already behind bars on unrelated charges, according to WBIR. The investigation into Lori Ann Hopson's untimely and tragic death continues as a community reckons with the loss of one of its guards in such a violent and personal manner.