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Published on April 02, 2024
Off-Duty Nurse and Fairfield Police Form Dynamic Trio to Save Spectator's Life at Youth Basketball GameSource: Fairfield Police Department

Saturday morning hoops at Allan Witt Park took an unexpected turn when an off-duty nurse and Fairfield cops teamed up to save a spectator's life. As revealed on the Fairfield, CA Police Department's Facebook page, a man suddenly became unresponsive during a youth basketball game, spurring a phenomenal act of quick thinking and community heroism.

The incident, which unfolded on March 30 at approximately 11:02 am, began with a flood of 911 calls concerning the man's condition. Witnesses believed he might have been suffering from a heart attack. Officers Gassen, Orsi, and Livermore arrived on scene in record time, discovering the woman vigorously performing CPR on the adult male.

While Officer Livermore made space by controlling the crowd and rearranging the furniture, Officer Gassen stepped in, relieving the woman of CPR duties. Together, with the nurse's expert hands on the AED, they managed to administer a shock. Officer Orsi, demonstrating teamwork rarely witnessed by those captivated at courtside, then took over the compression task.

Hope electrified the space with the AED's successful pulse delivery. The man, teetering on the brink of life, began to stir as the shock of life flowed above the hardwood where just moments before, children were chasing dreams of their own sporting prowess. The entry of Fire and Medic teams into the fray saw them take the baton of care, ultimately ushering the man towards recovery in a local hospital ward.

"Our sincerest thanks to the off-duty nurse who provided vital care, and to Officers Gassen, Orsi and Livermore for their swift response," the department wrote in a statement. Confirming the man was expected to make a full recovery, they hailed the lifesaving act, saying, "Your actions saved a life and serve as proof that a first responders job is never, ever done! And THAT’S no joke!"