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Published on April 16, 2024
Philadelphia Police Officer Fires Shot at Armed Suspect in North Philly Stolen Vehicle IncidentSource: Google Street View

Philadelphia police are delving into the events of Monday afternoon in North Philly following an officer-involved shooting incident during a clash with a man suspected of vehicle theft. According to police, at 2:48 p.m., officers were dispatched to the 1000 block of Dakota Street to investigate a stolen 2017 Jeep Cherokee. On arrival, they confirmed the vehicle was indeed stolen earlier in the day FOX29 reported.

The officers then waited inside their patrol car for approximately 40 minutes for the car's rightful owner to arrive and reclaim their property. During this wait, at around 3:20 p.m., an individual donned in dark clothing and a ski mask, boldly commandeered the driver’s seat of the Jeep while the officers were mere yards away. "Two officers in uniform standing by and someone tries to take the car right in front of them. That's brazen," said Lt. Frank Vanore in a statement obtained by 6ABC.

As one officer lunged from the patrol car to engage, a scuffle ensued between the officer and the suspect. During the physical encounter, the officers purported they observed what appeared to be a firearm in the suspect's possession, which escalated the situation, leading to one of the officers discharging their weapon once, as Vanore explained to CBS News Philadelphia. Despite the gunfire, the suspect managed to start the vehicle and fled the scene. They were last seen driving west on Dakota Street and then north on 11th Street, and currently remains at large. It is still unclear whether the suspect was hit by the fired shot.

The incident has sparked a detailed investigation, with the Police Department scouring the area for any leads to apprehend the suspect. The condition of the suspect, potentially wounded after the gunfire, adds urgency to the search. Police have not released the identity of the armed suspect or any description besides his masked appearance and the dark clothing he was wearing. Officials are asking anyone with information to come forward to aid in the ongoing investigation, as reported by FOX29.