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Published on April 10, 2024
President Biden Champions Caregivers, Proposes Transformative Support for Care Economy in Washington, D.C. SpeechSource: Elvert Barnes, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

In a heartfelt address to the nation, President Biden rallied support for caregivers and the care economy, detailing plans to transform the system that underpins American families and the nation's workforce. "You care workers represent the best of who we are as Americans. We look out for one another in America. We leave nobody behind," Biden said in remarks delivered at a Washington, D.C. event, according to a transcript published on the White House website.

Biden, sharing his personal experiences of tragedy and care needs, made clear his understanding of the struggles faced by those juggling work and caregiving. Recalling the days following the tragic car accident that took the lives of his first wife and daughter, Biden said, "And what I tried to do is figure out how I was going to raise my boys," a sentiment echoed by many caregivers nationwide, the White House reported.

Biden's passion was on full display as he vowed to champion the cause of caregivers, who are often women and minorities, by proposing budget plans that bolster support for childcare, homecare, and paid leave. "No one should choose between caring for a parent who's raised them, a child who depends on them, or a paycheck that they need," he said, reinforcing his administration's commitment to improving compensation and conditions for care workers.

Standing firm against opposition, Biden called out Republicans for their proposal to slash caregiving programs by a third and for their past efforts to dismantle the Affordable Care Act. The president highlighted the stark contrast between his administration's billion-dollar reductions in federal deficits and the previous administration's tax cuts, which favored the wealthy and ballooned the national debt. "Not a single Republican voted for it, I might add — not one," Biden pointed out regarding the American Rescue Plan, which according to him, kept over 225,000 childcare centers open amidst crises.

The president wrapped up his speech with a resolute message on the integral role of caregivers in the fabric of society, declaring, "We need you. Not a joke. We need you," signifying the administration's recognition of caregivers as the backbone of the American care economy. With 700,000 seniors waiting in line for Medicaid homecare unavailable to them, Biden's proposed measures aim to address the dire need for systemic reform. His plans resonate with the collective aspiration for a dignified and sustainable care system, befitting the nation that prides itself on leaving no one behind.