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Published on April 01, 2024
VIDEO: Sonoma County Chopper's Daring Cliffside Rescue Saves Man at Golden Gate Rec AreaSource: Sonoma Sheriff

In a dramatic cliffside rescue yesterday, Sonoma County's aerial support unit came to the aid of a man holding onto life by his fingertips. The Sonoma County Sheriff's helicopter, Henry-1, was summoned to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area after a distress call was received around 7:40 PM, reporting that a person had taken a perilous tumble off a trail at Alexander Battery.

With agility that runs counter to the bulk of its mechanical body, the rescue chopper swept in, its thermal imaging camera piercing the waning light to locate the endangered subject. Found clinging to the craggy face some 50-60 feet below the path, the person's situation was nothing short of precarious. Deploying with precision, Henry-1 landed in a nearby area that was prepped hastily for a long line rescue operation.

According to official statements from the Sonoma Sheriff's department, the Tactical Flight Officer (TFO) was then hoisted down, braving the vertical drop to secure the victim in a rescue device. What followed was a tense airlift, with the victim and TFO dangling on a wire, their figures cutting through the chilly coastal air as they were flown to safety atop the cliff.

The rescue, captured on video, concluded with the man being handed over to waiting fire department personnel, where he underwent a medical evaluation, the urgency of which was underlined by his brush with fatal heights. While his condition post-rescue was not immediately disclosed, the county authorities have made it clear that without this high-flying intervention, the outcome may have been a grave one indeed.