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Published on April 11, 2024
Sonoma County Sheriff's Helicopter Pulls Injured Motorist from Mt. Tam Ravine in Dramatic Cliff-Side OperationSource: Sonoma Sheriff

In a daring rescue on the slopes of Mt. Tam, Sonoma County's helicopter unit, Henry-1, plucked a motorist from a perilous 200-foot plunge into a ravine off Panoramic Highway, officials said. The white-knuckle operation unfolded Wednesday evening when the chopper crew was summoned at about 6:05 PM to the crash site on the mountain’s west side, according to a Sonoma Sheriff's Office Facebook post.

The area, dense with large trees, presented a challenge for the aerial team, which had to deploy a 200-foot long line to reach the wreckage and the victim. Firefighters had scaled the ravine's depth prior to the arrival of the helicopter, providing preliminary care to the injured party per the sheriff's account.

Among the rescuers were a tactical flight officer and a paramedic from the sheriff's office, as well as a tactical flight officer from El Dorado County Sheriff's Office shadowing for experience. The trio was flown to the crash site, where they worked with fire personnel to secure the woman into a hot seat rescue device for extraction.

Following the successful attachment, Henry-1 hoisted the victim, whose injuries were not disclosed, up from the craggy depths and delivered her to a waiting ambulance for further medical attention. The helicopter then returned to the scene to retrieve the rescue workers, flying them back to safety, the sheriff's office detailed.

The woman's current condition, following the rescue, is yet to be released by officials.