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Published on April 09, 2024
Suspect Arrested for Attempted Assault and Kidnapping After Standoff in Northwest D.C.Source: Google Street View

A palpable chill must have run down the spine of a victim held against their will in Northwest's Davis Place apartment this past weekend, where a harrowing encounter with a man wielding what appeared to be a gun has led to an arrest by the Metropolitan Police. The incident, a distressing tableau of alleged attempted sexual assault and kidnapping, unfolded inside an apartment in the 3900 block of Davis Place, as confirmed by MPD's official release.

Details of the chilling episode were brought to light when the suspect, later identified as 38-year-old Charles Thompson Jr, purportedly brandished a simulated firearm to force the victim into a non-consensual sex act, this all taking place on Saturday, April 6, the tension in the apartment building to an almost tangible dread as the suspect refused the victim's attempts to leave until the following day. According to the MPD's detailed statement, the victim managed to escape and alert the authorities only on Sunday, April 7, at around 2:20 p.m., prompting police intervention.

In the ensuing standoff, the suspect balked at negotiations to surrender, resulting in a tense barricade situation that spurred additional police action. Persistence and strategy led to a breakthrough when Thompson, after hours of standoff that crept into the night, conceded to police demands and emerged from his residence at approximately 9:49 p.m. He was subsequently apprehended without further incident.

The charges brought against Thompson encapsulate the severe nature of the allegations: Assault with Intent to Commit First Degree Sexual Abuse, Kidnapping, and Assault with a Dangerous Weapon (Gun). Even though the gun was found to be a mere imitation, its threat during the incident was no less real for the victim who faced it. In the aftermath of the arrest, the MPD's Sexual Assault Unit lauded the cooperation and resilience of the Second District members and the Emergency Response Team.

The community's role has not gone unnoticed, with MPD extending appreciation for their patience during the challenging circumstances. Thompson now awaits the judicious process to determine his culpability in an act that has surely left an indelible mark on all involved.