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Published on April 02, 2024
Three Arrested in Connection to Shooting of Off-Duty Phoenix Officer, Police Chief Describes 'Ambush'Source: Google Street View

Three people, including an adult and two juveniles, have been arrested in connection with the shooting of a Phoenix police officer, according to authorities. The officer, who was off duty at the time, was released from the hospital and is said to be in high spirits, despite sustaining multiple gunshot wounds during the incident. The shooting occurred on the night of March 29 near Southern Avenue and 35th Avenue, as reported by FOX 10 Phoenix.

It started when the off-duty officer, working at a nearby business, was informed of an attempted armed robbery on a vehicle, the details of which surfaced as the police said the group attempted an ambush. Upon approaching the scene as part of his duty, the officer who identified himself clearly, was fired upon multiple times by at least one armed individual. The officer, whose identity has not yet been disclosed due to safety concerns, did not return fire during the confrontation, a detail confirmed by ABC 15.

Phoenix Police officials have kept the investigation highly active, releasing only limited details about the arrested suspects for the time being. "We had an officer who was violently attacked while truly doing his job and not just attacked, but ambushed," Police Chief Michael Sullivan told FOX 10 Phoenix in a press conference.

The injured officer was celebrated by colleagues and family upon his discharge from the hospital, as tweeted by the Phoenix Police Department. "He is in good spirits surrounded by his wife and son, and his police family," the X post read. In a statement obtained by FOX 10 Phoenix, Executive Assistant Chief Derek Elmore expressed relief and gratitude, stating, "We're thankful for him, for all his sacrifice that him and his family have endured, And this time, we're grateful that he's able to go home safely, and hope that he will be returning to work shortly."



The police continue to urge anyone with information about the shooting to come forward, offering anonymous tips through Silent Witness for English speakers and Testigo Silencioso for Spanish speakers.