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Published on April 21, 2024
Two Hospitalized, Many Displaced After Late-Night Fire Ravages Abington Apartment ComplexSource: Google Street View

Chaos erupted at an Abington apartment complex late last night, leaving two people hospitalized and scores without a roof over their heads. The inferno, which struck the 91-unit building on North Quincy Street around 11:30 p.m., triggered a desperate scramble as some residents were seen fleeing their homes over second and third-floor balconies. WHDH reports that two of the tenants were subsequently transported to local hospitals with injuries deemed not life-threatening.

According to the rap of the flames, witnesses said, they could see heavy smoke billowing from the complex upon arrival at the Claremont Apartments. Firefighters, who were hailed for their swift response by multiple calls to the fire department, faced the nightmarish task of evacuating the building—ensuring that all souls within were accounted for. Both Boston 25 News and WHDH highlight the fire's impact on 24 to 36 apartments, with the latter outlet noting the fire and smoke damage as extensive.

The American Red Cross has stepped in to assuage the turmoil thrust upon the affected families, many of whom are dealing with displacement a chilly New England night wrought by a blaze that upended their lives. Boston 25 News adds that, alongside the Red Cross's efforts, makeshift shelter has been established at the Abington Senior Center to provide some solace for those suddenly bereft of their homes.

As daylight broke, the grim scene at the Abington complex was a mix of relief and devastation – every tenant was accounted for, and the furry members of their families were also rescued, reunited with anxious owners. The building, now a portrait of charred remains and smoky corridors, was turned back over to the management company at the early hour of 5:15 a.m., as reported by WHDH. The genesis of the fire remains a mystery, with authorities digging through the ashes, the cause still under investigation but appears to lean towards accidental origins.