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Published on April 04, 2024
Two Juveniles Charged with Felonies After Detonating Explosive Device at Petaluma SchoolSource: Google Street View

A school in California became the site of chaos after two juvenile students lit an explosive device, according to the Petaluma Police Department. The explosion occurred late at Kenilworth Junior High School, with no injuries reported. All available Fire and Police units swiftly responded to the emergency, which caused immediate evacuation of the school premises.

As per the official report, the detonation was confirmed to be isolated to a boys' bathroom close to the school quad, heard around 11:37 PM. Running from the school in the aftermath of the blast, students were herded by school staff to safety before the police's arrival. After the extensive combing of the school, the officers deemed it a singular incident.

The Petaluma Police's Crime Scene Investigation Team, upon examining the scene, pointed to a "commercial grade explosive device" resembling an M-1000 as the explosion's cause. Investigative efforts, fueled by the collaboration with school officials, subsequently led to the identification and arrest of the two students implicated in the case. They face serious charges, including "felony possession of an explosive device, felony vandalism, and conspiracy to commit a crime."

During the incident, a specialized K-9 unit named ‘Pinky’ was instrumental in sweeping the school for further threats. Trained to sniff out explosives and firearms, Pinky represents the Police Department's latest stride in community protection efforts. Thankfully, the diligence of everyone involved, including the 9-1-1 callers who provided critical updates during the incident, played a crucial role in averting further harm.

The Petaluma Police applauded the staff for their role in shielding the students and assisting with the response. They also conveyed their thoughts to the staff and students who were shaken by the event. The police urge anyone with more information to contact them at 707.778.4372, citing report number 24-1432 for reference. Those curious about details from the event can reach out to Lieutenant Matthew Parnow via email at [email protected], or by phone at 707.781.1204.