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Published on April 02, 2024
Vallejo Police Net Illegal Firearms and Suspects After High-Stakes Operation with CHP Air SupportSource: Vallejo Police Department

On March 21, Vallejo police officers snapped into action after a caller reported a group of suspicious individuals brandishing guns near an abandoned school on Grant Street. The tipster gave a detailed rundown of the six men, setting law enforcement on a high-stakes chase that would bring a small arsenal out of the shadows, as per the Vallejo Police Department.

With the stakes high, the VPD called in the California Highway Patrol Air Unit to scope the scene from above. The bird's-eye view confirmed the presence of the armed individuals. As the patrolling officers closed in, the suspects scattered, setting off a manhunt through the neighborhood. It was a textbook case of teamwork and precision—the suspects were cornered, disarmed, and cuffed with no injuries reported, thanks to the aerial assist from the CHP.

In a recent Facebook post, the VPD disclosed the haul included a juvenile, who was handed over to his mother after being cited. Meanwhile, the adults faced a more severe music—their march to the county jail was assured, as they were found packing firepower that's beyond the pale, with four of the five guns modified to spray bullets with a squeeze of a trigger.

The incident netted more than just illegal arms. One of the men was weighed down by a staggering $100,000 in warrants from Solano and San Francisco Counties, for stolen property and firearm possession. His capture, along with the seizure of the converted automatic weapons, was lauded online by the Vallejo Police Department: "Thank you to the vigilant citizens who helped our officers get these dangerous people and firearms off our streets. Thank you to CHP Air for your assistance and help in making Vallejo safer."