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Published on April 02, 2024
Washington County Debuts Online Hub to Spur Small Business and Workforce DevelopmentSource: Unsplash/ Christin Hume

In a move aimed at bolstering local commerce, Washington County has rolled out a new online tool designed to fuel the success of small businesses in the area. Unveiled yesterday, the Economic Development Resource Webpage is a digital hub compiled to provide easy access to a broad array of support tools and information, aiming to propel equitable economic progress throughout the community.

Local entrepreneurs can now tap into Washington County's online repository of opportunities, thanks to the joint efforts between the county's Economic Development Program and the Washington County Small Business Support Network (WCSBSN). Loaded with data for novice and seasoned operators alike, the Small Business Resource Directory offers an assortment of technical aids, financial service contacts, networking events, and legal advice. Launched in collaboration with numerous local nonprofit business organizations, the directory is an orchestrated endeavor focusing on enterprise development and community upliftment.

The digital platform doesn't stop at supporting existing businesses; it also casts a net to catch those with aspirations to join or advance in the workforce. The webpage offers listings of educational programs, job boards, and a compilation of Workforce Development Organizations and Training Partners, aimed at connecting job seekers and employers with the programs that best fit their needs for career advancement and staff retention.

Looking beyond the private sector, the site also serves as a beacon for entities involved with governmental partnerships. Included are resources for businesses interested in or presently engaged with local and federal government contracting. The webpage provides access to a network of resources through Washington County's municipalities and outlined options for those situated in less urbanized parts of the county.

For additional information or to explore the resources available, entrepreneurs and job seekers are encouraged to visit the Washington County Economic Development Resource Webpage at Washington County’s official website.