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Published on April 12, 2024
Two Suspects Charged with Fentanyl and Cocaine Trafficking in WorcesterSource: Google Street View

In a significant drug bust that occurred just one day ago, the Worcester Police Department nabbed two suspects for trafficking narcotics, including fentanyl and cocaine, substances that have been at the forefront of the relentless drug crisis. According to authorities, twenty-eight-year-old Daniel Brito-Alcantara and nineteen-year-old Haidan Jesus Segura were apprehended on Ashmont Avenue after officers, armed with search warrants, surveilled their apartment.

The Worcester Police announced, that on April 11th, as Brito-Alcantara and Segura departed their residence, they were promptly detained allowing officers to conduct a thorough search of their abode. Inside, police discovered a stash of drugs intended for the streets: 106.4 grams of cocaine and 32.6 grams of fentanyl were seized from various rooms along with paraphernalia linked to the drug trade. In addition to these incriminating items, a quantity of drug proceeds was also confiscated.

The bust led to the two men facing serious charges. An official press release by the Worcester Police Department details the charges laid on Brito-Alcantara and Segura: "Trafficking Class B 100-200 Grams," "Trafficking Fentanyl Over 10 Grams" and "Trafficking Class A 18-36 grams." Both suspects were taken into custody without incident.