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Published on May 17, 2024
Arizona's Bipartisan Push for More Housing, Legislature Passes Bills to Increase Supply Amidst CrisisSource: Arizona Department of Housing

The Arizona Legislature passed two major bills with bipartisan backing. State Representative Michael Carbone, a Republican, championed provisions in HB 2720 and HB 2721 to significantly boost the state's housing supply. These measures quickly garnered legislative approval and are now on their way to Governor Hobbs for a final nod.

The pressing need for more homes in Arizona cannot be overstated, with the Arizona Department of Housing citing a figure of 270,000 new units required to meet the demand. Since 2020, the market has watched helplessly as median sale prices have soared, reaching a daunting $430,000. These bills are designed to diversify and to increase the housing stock by legalizing backyard Accessory Dwelling Units, known as Casitas, in HB 2720 and, similarly, HB 2721 for duplexes, triplexes, and fourplexes, together forming what's known as Middle Housing. Both bills will principally affect locales boasting over 75,000 residents.

Representative Carbone pulled no punches in highlighting the gravity of the situation. "Arizonans across the state are being decimated by high housing costs and unrelenting inflation," Carbone stated in a press release. He went on, "Right now, our teachers, nurses, firefighters, and police officers can't afford to live in the communities that they serve. Our children and grandchildren can't afford to live in the communities that they grew up in. Most Arizonans have been priced out of the housing economy – it's wrong and un-American."

State Senator Anna Hernandez, a Democratic lawmaker, was also crucial in securing the passage of these bills – further emphasizing the bipartisan nature of the solution. Hernandez underscored the community's outcries, "I cannot go a single day without hearing from my constituents about the high housing costs in our state that is decimating my community and locking families in poverty," she explained. "We worked tirelessly with housing and community stakeholders in order to craft this historic and bipartisan solution that we are proud to send to the Governor." Carbone acknowledged Hernandez's vital role in the process, affirming his gratitude for her leadership.