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Published on May 21, 2024
Atlanta City Council Approves Civic Center Overhaul With Historic Preservation CommitmentsSource: Atlanta Housing Authority

The Atlanta City Council has greenlit an extensive plan for the overhaul of the city's Civic Center, incorporating a commitment to historic preservation into its redesign. According to a report by Rough Draft Atlanta, the council's resolution binds multiple parties in a 10-year agreement to ensure compliance with the National Historic Preservation Act as redevelopment efforts move forward.

The agreement will position the Atlanta Housing Authority, the Georgia State Historic Preservation Office, and the Civic Center's developers to meticulously revamp the site. FOX 5 Atlanta outlines the project's vision, which includes a mix of senior and multi-family residences, a hotel, office spaces, and retail developments. A unique feature to potentially enhance Atlanta's cultural scene is the planned state-of-the-art theater, which will repurpose the existing Civic Center Performing Arts Center.

Set to break ground this summer, the first construction phase zeroes in on a senior housing unit with 148 apartments, a move expected to invigorate the northeastern corner of the property adjacent to Renaissance Park. "Excavation work for the first phase is expected to begin this summer, with construction slated to start in November," the Atlanta Housing Authority told FOX 5 Atlanta. The project not only looks to reimagine the Civic Center but also to serve as a showcase when the World Cup arrives in summer 2026.

Monday's approval wasn't solely about the Civic Center. The council also passed resolutions set to rejuvenate various other community spaces. For instance, they voted to transform the Southside Park sports complex into the new Henry Lewis Aaron Complex and to expand Enota Park as part of the Atlanta Beltline plan, as reported by Rough Draft Atlanta. Additionally, a resolution to apply for a $3.6 million federal grant for solar-powered resilience hubs further indicates an investment in sustainable infrastructure.

The council session also included proclamations and honors for local achievements and contributions. This included accolades to the Maynard Jackson High School girls varsity basketball team, notable CEOs, and city servant Shannon Heath Longino's three decades of work.

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