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Published on May 16, 2024
Avondale's Nayel Garcia Wins Top Honors at Annual High School Scholarship Art ContestSource: City of Avondale, AZ

Last night's Achieving Artists High School Scholarship Art Contest at the Avondale Civic Center Library turned the spotlight on the most talented young picassos of the graduating class, and Avondale's own Nayel Garcia snagged the top prize. The civic showcase, a yearly tradition since 2011, rolled out a carpet of eclectic artwork ranging from eye-catching canvases to arresting photographs, with creativity oozing from every corner.

Local judges, their eyes practically popping, couldn't stop waxing lyrical over the youngsters' skills, the winners walked away with more than just applause, they got scholarships to boot, meaning it’s not just about the honor folks—it's about the moolah for their college trek. Nayel Garcia's piece, "Baby Mila," scored the first place, while Lilyana Vera with "Magical Glass Making" and Aisha Ramirez Chavez's "Self Portrait" tied for the second seat, leaving "Machine Girl" by Makai Troupe to clinch third.

In a city that prides itself on its vibrant arts, Avondale Mayor, Kenn Weise, couldn't contain his excitement, stating, "The Achieving Artists High School Scholarship Art Contest is a testament to the thriving arts community in Avondale and its commitment to nurturing young talent,” as reported by the city's news release. He also threw in a hefty congratulations to all those who showed up and showed off, making it clear that Avondale's got its eyes on the future of art.

Avondale Municipal Arts wants you to know that there's more where that came from—think contests, programs, all sorts of jazz—just swing by their website to get the lowdown on what's next for the city's art aficionados and the next generation of creators keeping the culture alive and kicking in Avondale.