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Published on May 28, 2024
Bay Area Sees Seasonal Temperatures and Marine Layer, Warmer Conditions Expected Later in the WeekSource: Daniel Ramirez from Honolulu, USA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

As Bay Area locals scurry around in their daily routines, the skies above stick to the playbook, with seasonable temperatures and a persistent marine layer acting as nature's air conditioner. Issued by the National Weather Service San Francisco, CA, at the wee hour of 255 AM PDT, today's forecast sees inland areas hitting seasonal averages. At the same time, coastal regions remain on the cooler side, hugging the upper 50s to around 60 degrees.

In an uncharacteristic twist, the forecast lacks drama as an upper trough passing through the Pacific Northwest applies the brakes slightly on warming temperatures. "Overall no major changes to the short term period," the Service calmly reports. As usual, the marine influence means cooler shores and pleasant inland conditions.

But don't be fooled into unpacking the summer wardrobe just yet; this mild interval is simply the quiet before the warmer storm. By midweek, that same old ridge starts to rebuild its strength, setting the stage for a slow crescendo in temperature. The warming trend picks up into the weekend, with Thursday and Friday poised to be the hot tickets, especially for our friends in far inland locales who can expect the thermometer to encroach upon the low 90s.

Aviators should keep an eye on the sky, as the National Weather Service flags predominant IFR/MVFR CIGs due to low clouds initially. Expect to see VFR conditions reclaim the airspace by evening. "Winds will be slow to ease, with breezy conditions lingering through the end of the TAF period," advise the weather pros. While gusts around 20–25 knots might bully the Bay Area, they, too, shall take a bow come evening.

The maritime community should heed that the placid scenes on Terra Firma belie the choppier narrative offshore. "Fresh northwest winds strengthen throughout the day today," warns the National Weather Service, forecasting a surge in wind strength that could rile up the waters with steep waves and pose challenges for small crafts. Gale force gusts are on the table, most likely for the northern waters, today and Wednesday.