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Published on May 28, 2024
Bexar County Braces for High-Stakes May 28 Runoffs With Key Races in the BalanceSource: Unsplash/ Arnaud Jaegers

Tensions are running high in Bexar County as voters gear up to decisively cast their votes today primary runoff elections that could upset the political landscape for both the GOP and the Democrats. Two incumbents are battling to hold onto their seats, while newcomers and political veterans alike vie to secure their party's nomination across five key races that have grabbed the attention of constituents and political pundits.

The spotlight shines on the Republican U.S. Rep. Tony Gonzales of the 23rd Congressional District, who is fighting to retain his position against Brandon Herrera, a firearms manufacturer and YouTube personality. Gonzales, despite winning across all 29 counties, was forced into a runoff after failing to secure the mandatory 50% in the March primary. The San Antonio Report captured the edge of the battle, noting that national GOP leaders have swooped in to support Gonzales against Herrera, who has meanwhile garnered support from local GOP chairs and some of Gonzales’ congressional foes.

On the Democratic side, Bexar County Commissioner Rebeca Clay-Flores is working to narrowly fend off a challenge from Amanda Gonzalez, a former nonprofit leader. Clay-Flores, who impressed with her grassroots campaign skills in 2020, faced criticism for allegedly losing touch with her community. Despite refusing to debate Gonzalez, Clay-Flores holds the backing of the Texas Organizing Project, while her opponent has secured endorsements from key neighborhood association leaders.

Furthermore, the race for the 73rd Civil District Court has become a duel between Elizabeth Martinez and Ana Laura Ramirez, both aiming to don the judge's robe come November. The victor here is guaranteed a seat, as no Republicans have tossed their hat into the ring for this judicial spot. Election finance dynamics have also come under scrutiny, with watchers keen to see who will throw in massively support after the May 20 disclosure deadline, as reported by the San Antonio Report.

Not to be overlooked, Texas' 35th Congressional District, where GOP candidates Michael Rodriguez and Steven Wright, a retired military vet and former deputy sheriff respectively, are locked in to potentially challenge Democratic incumbent Greg Casar. With the Republican field initially crowded by five, these two emerged as the top contenders to sway voters in a primarily blue district.

Finally, the stakes are equally high for the race in Texas' 28th Congressional District. Republicans have honed in on Jay Furman and Lazaro Garza Jr. as potential standard-bearers against an incumbent under indictment. Both candidates have attracted attention with distinct backgrounds – Furman for his stance against military vaccine mandates during the pandemic, and Garza for his journey from the son of migrant workers to Texas A&M University graduate and business achiever.

As Bexar County voters approach the polls from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., the outcome of these races is set to profoundly shape the political narrative for both parties, potentially redefining strategies and alliances in preparation for upcoming legislative battles. The full list of polling locations can be found on the county's official election website.