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Published on May 31, 2024
Boston Police Trade Patrol for Paddle, Host Serene Charles River Cruise with Dorchester SeniorsSource: Boston Police Department

In a bid to bolster community relations, officers from the Boston Police Department's District C-11 stepped off the streets and onto a boat to share a day of tranquility with local seniors. Floating along the serene Charles River, seniors from Dorchester, accompanied by BPD's finest, engaged in conversations bridging generations over light snacks and sandwiches, according to the department's official release. The event underscored an ongoing effort to foster a sense of partnership between law enforcement and residents.

Despite the disarming backdrop of Massachusetts' famed waterway, the occasion served as a reminder that these same officers, entrusted with the task of guarding the neighborhood, were now tasked with navigating a boat filled with Dorchester's elderly citizens. In a move to show the force's human side, the cruise was sponsored by the Charles River Boat Company and the Boston Police Foundation, whose generosity enabled the pleasant excursion, according to the Boston Police Department's website.

As the boat returned to the dock, it was clear the day had been more than just an exchange of pleasantries. With hearts perhaps a little lighter, and the gap between the officers and the elderly seemingly narrowed, the cruise stood as a reflection of potential progress—progress that could one day ripple out beyond the waterway's edge and into the streets of Dorchester.

Editor's note: A punctuation error made it appear that ongoing efforts were a part of BPD's official release. Instead, the sentence was meant to state that the officers shared food and conversation in an effort to bridge, and this was a part of BPD's press release.