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Published on May 15, 2024
Boynton Beach Celebrates Haitian Heritage with Flag-Raising and Cultural Fiesta this WeekendSource: Google Street View

Boynton Beach is gearing up for a grand celebration of Haitian heritage this weekend, with a flag-raising ceremony and a cultural fiesta on tap for local residents and the South Florida community at large. The day's festivities are set to unveil at 9 a.m. this Saturday, May 18, in front of the Boynton Beach City Hall, according to an announcement from the City of Boyton Beach.

The event, which promises to be a blend of cultural showcases, will continue until 2 p.m., boasting activities ranging from poetry readings to face-painting, and even a dance class. But it's not just about the arts; in a power move for women's health, free mammograms will be on offer for women aged 35 and over — though you'll need to snag an appointment ahead of time. The Boynton Beach Arts & Cultural Center is playing host to all the action, which sits conveniently next to the city hall.

Commemorating Haitian Flag Day, which marks the date of the country's flag adoption during the throes of the Haitian Revolution in 1803, the ceremony and celebration serve as a nod to the vibrant Haitian culture that enriches not just Boynton Beach, but the broader American tapestry. Authentic Haitian cuisine, artistic exhibitions, and live entertainment are all part of the city’s embrace of its Haitian community, the event's agenda elaborated in a post obtained by

For those wanting to partake in the cultural feast or to lock in a health screening, you're encouraged to call the Boynton Beach Arts & Cultural Center or visit the provided website to schedule your mammogram— a must in the push for preventive healthcare. It's a day that promises to blend joyous revelry with community wellness, reflecting the spirit and resilience of the Haitian people. And, as always, there's something heartwarming about seeing a community come together to hoist up another's flag - both literally and metaphorically.