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Published on May 19, 2024
Clarksville Robbery Suspect Apprehended After Citywide Manhunt, Held on $55K BondSource: Facebook/Clarksville Police Department

A tense confrontation at a Clarksville tobacco store last week ended with a robbery suspect in cuffs after a citywide manhunt. David Alan Smith, 47, landed behind bars following allegations of strong-arming a clerk and implying he was armed at the Discount Tobacco Outlet on Riverside Drive.

The heist took place on May 16, and according to the Clarksville Police Department's Facebook page, it was around 8:53 p.m. when a white male, later identified as Smith, allegedly waltzed into the store. He supposedly coerced the clerk into handing over $100 with the threat of a firearm, secreted, in his waistband.

In a chain of events that ramped up Saturday afternoon, police pursuit of Smith culminated in his capture after a brief sprint, stated a report by WSMV. The suspect was then booked into Montgomery County Jail with decent, a bond set at $55,000.

Police were tipped off to Smith's whereabouts, initiating the chase that led to his arrest. Details of the police operation remain sparse, but the swift action taken underscores the department's prompt response to threats against local businesses. The Clarksville PD's dedication to public safety remains evident in the swift apprehension of Smith, the suspect who cast a shadow of fear over a humble tobacco store.

As of now, Smith faces the consequences of his alleged actions, awaiting trial in Montgomery County. The incident, which could have spiraled into further violence, thankfully concluded with no injuries reported. The WKRN articulates that the tight-knit Clarksville community can breathe a little easier as one more accused robber is taken off the streets.