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Published on May 27, 2024
Clayton County Pioneers Sustainable Farming with New 70,000 Square Foot Aquaponics FacilitySource: Clayton County

Clayton County is stepping into the future of farming with the groundbreaking of a mammoth 70,000-square-foot aquaponics facility, an initiative led by the Andrew J. Young Foundation and Forever Young Aquaponics. According to the Clayton County Government, this new facility is set to deliver organic leafy greens to nine major Southeast cities, redefining sustainability in agriculture.

The innovative aquaponics system is a blend of fish farming and hydroponic cultivation, where fish waste fertilizes plants, which in turn purify water for the fish, creating a loop of efficiency that has minimal impact on the planet, the facility is designed to shrink the environmental footprint while bolstering the production of organic greens without relying on pesticides or harmful chemicals. It not only slashes the carbon output by 48% compared to traditional farming methods, but it also marks a giant leap in water conservation, utilizing 92% less water, which everyone can agree is good for the planet.

In a celebratory ceremony graced by notables including Ambassador Andrew Young and Clayton County Commissioner Jeffrey Turner, the project was lauded for its promise of high-quality, low-impact produce at prices meant to stay competitive despite its high-tech farming backdrop. Positioned as a profitable venture, the controlled environment agriculture sector is indeed looking brighter with production estimates projected to double within four years.

Speakers at the event, detailed by the county news release, were a mix of the foundation's members, county officials such as Economic Development Officer Erica Rocker, COO Detrick Stanford, and sustainably-focused entrepreneurs like Rawson Haverty of Forever Young Aquaponics, together, they painted a picture of a more resilient food system, one bolstered by advanced agriculture that's kind to the earth and good for the community. With a strong focus on future-ready, sustainable farming practices the Clayton County’s newest facility is well poised to set a benchmark in the realm of responsible and efficient food production.

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