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Published on May 28, 2024
Coast Guard's "Cocaine Tsunami" Seizes $468M Worth of Nautical Narcotics in San Diego ShakedownSource: United States Coast Guard Department of Homeland Security

The U.S. Coast Guard made waves in San Diego on Tuesday morning as the Cutter Munro crew offloaded a colossal catch of around 33,768 pounds of cocaine, a haul with an eye-popping street value of about $468 million.

The narcotic bonanza fished out during eight separate interdiction incidents off the coasts of Mexico, Central, and South America, was presented for all to see at the B Street Pier. In attendance, a clear sign of the operation's significance, were Rear Adm. Andrew M. Sugimoto of the U.S. Coast Guard District 11, AUSA Matthew J. Sutton, the Deputy Chief of the Southern District of California's U.S. Attorney's Office, alongside Capt. Rula Deisher and the proud crew of the Cutter Munro.

Media outlets covering this significant drug bust had to scramble to the pier by 8:30 a.m., toting their credentials, driver’s licenses, and proof of insurance. Information about the event was communicated well in advance, making it quite a maritime spectacle.

The Munro is no stranger to high stakes at sea. It is the sixth Legend Class National Security Cutter designed to handle anything the unforgiving ocean environments throw its way, including the fishery hazards in the North Pacific and, mainly, the Southern Pacific's vast expanses frequented by drug traffickers.