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Published on May 24, 2024
Duluth Residents Invited to Influence Lester Park Recreation and Golf Course FutureSource: City of Duluth, Minnesota

Residents of Duluth are called to show up in force at the Lester Park Recreation Working Group’s public assembly scheduled for tomorrow night. Interested locals are encouraged to participate in the dialogue about the future of year-round recreational opportunities and the possible resurrection of golf operations at the Lester Park course.

The meeting aims to not only quickly ignite discussions on recreational advancements but also to evaluate the implementation of nonprofit and other management models that could take the reins at the park. Kicking off at 6:30 PM at Duluth East High School, the session is pegged as a critical juncture for community input on the 2024 summer operations at the Lester Park golf course, according to a Facebook post from the group.

With an open invitation, the Working Group is banking on a solid turnout. "The working group hopes to see plenty of engaged citizens at this meeting!" was the rallying cry posted on their official Facebook page. The post underscored the importance of public engagement in molding the recreational landscape of Lester Park.

The announcement on Facebook outlines the group's agenda, which clearly aims to seamlessly blend various recreational activities and styles within Lester Park, catering to a wide array of interests—whether it be the heat of summer golf or other seasonal pastimes.

The discussions from this meeting are expected to lay down the foundation for what is to come at Lester Park, ensuring that the park remains not only a haven for golf enthusiasts but also a beacon of vibrant, diverse recreation for all of Duluth’s citizens.