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Published on May 25, 2024
Eagle Drive Reopens in Denton as TxDOT Completes On-Schedule Roadwork; More Lane Closures AnnouncedSource: Google Street View

Denton drivers can finally take a breather as Eagle Drive reopens, with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) wrapping up the roadwork on schedule, the patch of US77 between S. Elm Street and S. Locust Street is back in business as of yesterday, as confirmed by TxDOT's announcements, per the City of Denton, Texas.

But with every silver lining comes a cloud, and the relief might be short-lived, because come Tuesday, May 28, two lanes on S. Locust Street, stretching from Maple Street to Eagle Drive, will be off-limits this is the next step in the larger ongoing project aiming to patch up the roads by Fall 2024, during this phase, drivers are encouraged to follow the detour signs and keep an eye out for the construction crews.

For those worrying about their daily bread or that coffee shop on the corner, fear not, because all local businesses within the gridlock's grasp will keep their doors open, as confirmed by project honcho Branden Barnett, who pledges clear signs to navigate customers to their destinations. Shoppers and diners are asked to look out for those posts and lend their solidarity to local commerce.

Residents are urged to plan their commutes with caution and dodge the construction ballet if they can, but if driving through the maze is a must, they should mind the men and women in hardhats working to make the streets better, and safer because nobody wants to add fender benders to the mix for more information or to cry over the city’s blueprint for improved pavement.