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Published on May 17, 2024
Gilbert Young Artists Win Recognition for Sustainability-Themed Drawings on Waste VehiclesSource: Gilbert, Arizona

Gilbert's very own eco-warriors have made their mark with eye-catching drawings that are set to jazz up the town's waste management fleet. The winners of the Green Gilbert Artwork Contest have been announced, with three young artists taking home top honors. Their environment-focused artwork is not just a treat for the eyes, but also a nudge for the community to think about sustainability in a different light.

Topping the list, Ava Goodwin from Gilbert Classical Academy hit the jackpot with a drawing that boldly tells us to "Do Something Drastic, Cut the Plastic.” Goodwin’s work is more than just an art piece; it's a visual shout to wake up and realize the plastic crisis touching every corner of our planet. Turning to the runners-up, second place was snagged by Felicia Zhang, also from Gilbert Classical Academy, with the drawing "Conserve and Preserve." And let's not forget about Annie Wilcken from Sossaman Middle School who held solid in third place with her "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" drawing. Each of these artworks will soon be rolling down Gilbert's streets on the side of the town’s waste vehicles, according to an announcement from the town's website.

As engaging as the contest is, the agenda behind it is nothing to be taken lightly. Green Gilbert serves as a beacon in the desert, illuminating the path toward an environmentally conscious community. This initiative is the love child of the town’s Environmental Compliance, Water Conservation, and Environmental Services teams, all putting their heads together to ensure Gilbert remains a healthy and sustainable nook on the map.

So, folks, let's roll out the green carpet and salute these young minds for their creativity and insight. Their mission to beautify and to subtly educate is a testament to what can happen when creativity and environmental stewardship are blended. Gilbert's residents are encouraged to roll up their sleeves and get involved with the Green Gilbert initiative by learning more about the numerous ways they can contribute to making their town greener. And with these art-adorned trucks soon to be on the prowl, you'll be hard-pressed not to take a moment to think about the impact you're having on Mother Nature.