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Published on May 24, 2024
Low Voter Turnout in Clackamas County at 35.82% Ahead of Primary Election Results CertificationSource: Clackamas County, OR

With the primaries heating up, Clackamas County is buzzing with election activity, though voters might be less amped, seeing as only 35.82% have punched their democracy tickets as of May 23, a report from Clackamas County Elections reveals. Out of the total electorate, 112,012 citizens have cast their ballots, and that number includes all the mail-in ballots received up until yesterday evening.

The election office is hustling hard, bringing in all hands to count the votes extending their hours through the week and they're still accepting ballots through the mail until May 28, so procrastinators still have a shot, as long as they posted them by Election Day. Those who flubbed their signatures or forgot to sign altogether have a grace period until June 11 to rectify their errors and make their votes count. Clackamas County Elections is kind enough to notify voters by letter if they're in the signature hot seat.

In the latest stretch, Clerk Catherine McMullen is leading the charge with her team of sworn election staffers, burning the midnight oil to ensure that not a single vote is left behind. The ballot tally currently sits at 88,941, all accounted for in the most recent unofficial election results which were updated at a precise 4:37 p.m. The next round of results will hit the press today at 5 p.m., keeping the public looped in as the count progresses.

Voting figures and the latest on who's up, down, or flat-out stalled are available for public viewing, with Clackamas County keeping a tight lid on its election results release schedule, which will follow its planned course despite the whirlwind of counting chaos. Pencil June 14 on your calendars, folks, for that's when the dust will settle and the final, official election results will be certified, bringing a close to another chapter of the democratic saga that seems to never rest.