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Published on May 27, 2024
Man Fatally Shot on Steele Street in Memphis, Police Seek WitnessesSource: Google Street View

A man was left dead after gunfire erupted on a Memphis street, local law enforcement confirmed. The incident, which shook the 3500 block of Steele Street, took place Sunday night and is now the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation by the Memphis Police Department (MPD).

Details are sparse, but according to Action News 5, the emergency call came in at approximately 7:52 p.m., and officers were dispatched fiercely to the scene near Frayser Boulevard, where they subsequently declared the man dead upon their arrival. Anyone with additional information has been urged to come forward, with authorities providing a hotline at 528-CASH for tips.

Local Memphis reported a similar account, noting the shooting's occurrence just before the 8 o'clock evening hour on May 26, with MPD confirming the victim's fatality at the scene. The outlet echoes calls for witnesses or anyone privy to pertinent information to step forward and assist in the ongoing investigations.

Further emphasizing the gravity of the situation, FOX13 Memphis provided a timeline consistent with the other reports. The MPD, after responding to the distressing events shortly after 7:50 p.m., discovered the wounded man, who was pronounced dead, in the aftermath of the shooting. As of now, no suspect information has been disclosed to the public. However, police seek clues and call on the community for support.