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Published on May 26, 2024
Meet "Gabe": Macomb County Celebrates Peregrine Falcon Chick with Tradition of Naming and BandingSource: Macomb County, Michigan

The skies above Macomb County, Michigan, are now being patrolled by a new set of sharp eyes, as a Peregrine Falcon chick hatched in mid-April has officially been dubbed "Gabe." According to ClickOnDetroit, Macomb County Executive Mark A. Hackel and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources have come together to band the feathery resident of the 11th floor of the Old Macomb County Building.

The tradition of naming and banding these endangered species has been a point of pride for the community. The local government and environmental bodies are seemingly keen to once again engage the public in witnessing the development of these birds, especially after a hiatus. "This has become such an enjoyable tradition here in the county over the years and we are very excited to have the opportunity to once again band and name the falcons," Hackel said, per Macomb County, Michigan. A 24/7 EarthCam setup allows anyone to tune in and watch the majestic creatures.

Peregrine Falcons such as Gabe are part of a conservation success story, but they haven't completely soared out of the danger zone. They remain federally protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and retain an endangered species status under Michigan law. Fans of the feathered kind can track their favorite falcons' activity via the online live feed, which captures every flap and squawk from the comfort of their nests.

Named in honor of local arts champion Gabe Anton, the chick serves as a soaring reminder of Anton's work, including his leadership in the expansion of the historic Carnegie Library into the now Anton Art Center. Down on terra firma, past successes in the county's falcon breeding program are recalled with names like Grace, Peace, and Max, illustrating a legacy of ongoing efforts to protect and celebrate these birds. As they now endeavor to closely watch Gabe's progression, the partnership between Macomb County and the DNR stands as a testament to the investment in the region's natural denizens.