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Published on May 11, 2024
Memphis Man Charged with Attempted Murder After Shooting Victim who Intervened in DisputeSource: Shelby County Sheriff’s Office

Memphis has been stirred by a violent altercation that ended in gunfire, with 22-year-old Myron White now facing attempted murder charges after a dispute turned deadly. According to Action News 5, the confrontation escalated when the victim attempted to break up a fight between White and a friend, only for White to retrieve a Glock 19X and shoot him multiple times allegedly.

The bloody incident took place on April 28, and both the victim and White's friend took the injured man to Methodist University Hospital; he was later transferred to Regional One Hospital for further treatment. The violence was borne out of a personal dispute that quickly spiraled out of control. While the victim sought to mediate, his efforts were met with multiple bullet wounds in both arms, his abdomen, and his left leg, as reported by FOX13 Memphis. White's swift shift from a heated argument to an alleged attempt at taking a life highlights a stark and sudden descent into violence.

Prior to the shooting, the man told officers he had been awakened by the sound of an argument at about 6 a.m. The victim reported seeing White allegedly hitting a woman, prompting him to intervene and hurl an expletive at White, as FOX13 Memphis outlined in their coverage.

The case has garnered significant attention, not simply because of the heinous nature of the crime but due to the implications of the escalation of violence in personal disputes, and patently how a man’s noble intent to protect a woman from harm ended with him in the crosshairs, leading to a life-threatening situation—as gleaned from statements the victim provided to WREG.