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Published on May 16, 2024
Miami's Deering Estate to Host 2024 Symposium on Coastal Heritage Preservation Amid Climate Change ChallengesSource: Google Street View

Miami's Deering Estate is gearing up to host a significant gathering come mid-June, with eyes set on the preservation of coastal heritage against the unstoppable march of climate change. The 2024 Cultural Heritage Symposium, themed "Our Shared Sea - Coastal Archaeological Heritage in the Caribbean Basin," is a free-for-all two-day event aiming to spark conversations on how to save our coasts. Kicking off on June 14, the symposium plans to bring together experts across various fields, from researchers to policy bigwigs, in an effort to forge new paths in the battle to protect coastal archaeological sites. Deering Estate Director Jennifer Tisthammer emphasized the urgency of the cause, stating, "This symposium underscores the importance of multi-vocal approaches to decision-making and collaboration to address critical issues such as the impacts of climate change on coastal archaeological sites," according to the official press release from Miami-Dade County.

With climate change continuing to threaten these historical coastal spots worldwide, the symposium seeks to quickly adapt public archaeology and cultural resource management strategies. There's an expectation to highlight how partnerships and the community's involvement are critical in not just managing but also making heritage preservation more relevant to the masses. Attendees can look forward to an agenda packed with discussions on building collective resilience in coastal heritage through shared ground-breaking ideas and practices. Registration is now open for anyone interested in joining either in-person or virtually on Zoom, as mentioned on the Miami-Dade County official website.

The symposium, which is sponsored by the Deering Estate alongside partners such as the Deering Estate Foundation, 100 Ladies of Deering, the Consulate general of France in Miami, French Ministry of Culture – Villa Albertine, and Florida Public Archaeology Network, will feature interactive sessions. June 14 will see indoor debates and discussions at the Deering Estate Theater, while the following day will take participants outdoors for field excursions into the estate's natural preserves, with meet-ups at the Deering Estate Visitor Center. The symposium's organizers have released the full program agenda for those interested in the event’s details.

As a designated Miami-Dade County Heritage Park, the Deering Estate does more than just wave the flag of cultural significance; it serves up a hearty slice of recreational and educational experiences. A place that keeps one arm in the past while reaching forward to the future, it's a fitting venue for such a forward-thinking symposium. The Deering Estate Foundation, which plays the supporting role in preserving the beloved 1920s-era property of Charles Deering, is expecting to see the symposium kindle big conversations on heritage protection. For those itching to play a part or wishing to delve into the intricate program, further details are within arm's reach on the estate's online portal, as detailed in the press release provided by Miami-Dade County.