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Published on May 09, 2024
Michelin-Starred Chef Sujan Sarkar & Rooh Alum Brother Debuts 'Tiya' Elevated Indian Cuisine in San Francisco's Marina DistrictSource: Tiya SF

The much-anticipated opening of high-end Indian restaurant Tiya marks the genesis of combined efforts from Michelin-starred chef Sujan Sarkar of Chicago's Indienne (recognized as one of the Best Indian Restaurants by Hoodline Chicago) and his brother Pujan Sarkar, formerly of the well-regarded Rooh in San Francisco, that opened back in 2016. Joining the upscale Indian dining scene, Tiya serves modern takes on classic dishes with a unique blend of influences. Situated in the Marina District at 3213 Scott Street, Tiya opened its doors this Wednesday, May 8, to the delight of local food aficionados and critics alike.

According to a report by Eater San Francisco, Tiya is dazzling diners with an a la carte and a $90 prix fixe menu, further tempting taste buds with an optional wine pairing for an additional $50. With Sujan's Chicago restaurant earning accolades for its French-inspired Indian offerings, the new spot has raised the bar on elegant Indian dining. "There is a clientele interested to do that experience with Indian food," Sujan told Eater San Francisco. "But it doesn’t exist," suggesting a gap in the market Tiya is now poised to fill.

At Tiya, guests can choose between various dishes, including yogurt chat featuring strawberry, tamarind, and mint, and a lamb keema with a vegetarian twist using jackfruit. The ingredients are locally sourced, with produce coming from Hawk Creek Farm in San Francisco and Three Springs Community Farm in Bodega Bay. As reported by the San Francisco Chronicle, Sujan Sarkar emphasized the dedication to fresh produce, stating, "We are not changing the butter chicken, but adding flair to it." He added that around half of the dishes are cooked over a coal grill, ensuring a traditional touch remains.

The beverage menu at Tiya is equally deliberate, featuring a list of cocktails, each named after a different San Francisco neighborhood. "The beverages aim to capture the essence of each part of town," Pujan Sarkar mentioned in an interview with Eater San Francisco. These include the Mission District cocktail, employing tequila and salsa verde, and another inspired by North Beach's Italian roots, combining vodka, Parmesan, and extra virgin olive oil. The brothers also pay homage to Bay Area tastes by spotlighting vintages from Indian winemakers like Rajat Parr and Sonoma County’s Raghni Naidu.

With the former Maybeck's space having received a makeover before its relaunch last year, Tiya has taken advantage of the existing setup, making minimal changes to create an inviting atmosphere. As per San Francisco Chronicle, the restaurant's opening has been a dream for Pujan, who quipped, "It’s been a dream and it’s actually happening now." With Tiya, the Sarkar brothers strike a fine balance between innovation and tradition.