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Published on May 21, 2024
Minneapolis Lawmaker Advocates for TPS Designation for Ecuadorian Residents Amid Asylum SurgeSource: Google Street View

In a bold move responding to a staggering surge in asylum requests, a Minneapolis lawmaker has called for federal intervention. The number of asylum cases from Ecuador has skyrocketed by 900% over the past five years, according to immigration system records. In response, a resolution will be presented with an eye toward granting Ecuadorians currently residing in Minneapolis Temporary Protected Status (TPS).

"I’m bringing forward a resolution tomorrow calling our federal officials to designate Ecuador for Temporary Protected Status," said one Minneapolis official in a Facebook post. As the local Ecuadorian population faces the tumult of displacement, this plea for TPS aims not just to acknowledge their plight, but to bolster them amid their adversity.

Temporary Protected Status is extended to nationals of certain countries experiencing severe conditions such as ongoing armed conflict, environmental disasters or other extraordinary circumstances that temporarily prevent safe return. If designated, it would allow Ecuadorians to live and work in the United States without fear of deportation.

The proposed resolution comes as Minneapolis witnesses, a continuous swell of immigrants seeking safety and stability. The city is aligning itself with its Ecuadorian residents, asserting enduring support. "As the rise of immigrants in Minneapolis continues, we stand in solidarity with the Ecuadorian community who is suffering as a country and people," the statement further clarified. This movement towards solidarity not only underlines the city's compassionate stance but also its commitment to the well-being of its diverse populace.

With the resolution on the table, federal officials will have to consider whether to add Ecuador to the list of countries whose citizens can apply for TPS. The adopted resolution and the associated discussions provide a poignant reflection on the larger immigration narrative, one that Minneapolis now finds itself an active architect of.

The final decision by federal authorities on Ecuador’s TPS designation is yet to be made. However, with the resolution set to be brought forward, Minneapolis has positioned itself as a community deeply invested in the humanitarian treatment of its international residents. The original information and quotes for this report were obtained from a post on Facebook by a Minneapolis Ward 9 representative.