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Published on May 20, 2024
Minneapolis Officers Moore and Davids Lauded by MADD for Exceptional DWI Arrest RecordsSource: Facebook / Minneapolis Police Department

Twin Cities roads are a touch safer today, thanks to the vigilant efforts of two of Minneapolis's finest, Officers Moore and Davids of the 5th Precinct, whose crackdown on drunk driving has earned them accolades and shiny new pins from an organization that knows the deadly cost of inebriated driving all too well. Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) recognized the pair this week for their significant contributions to public safety.

According to the info released by the Minneapolis Police Department via their official Facebook page, Officer Moore, who outdid his previous year's record by racking a hefty total of 54 DWI arrests in 2023, was awarded a silver pin, while Officer Davids secured a bronze pin for making 35 DWI arrests last year, besting his own numbers from 2022 and ensuring that Minneapolis streets were that much less perilous for the city's sober drivers and pedestrians alike.

MADD, an organization that has been at the forefront of the anti-drunk driving movement since its inception in 1980, has a storied history of acknowledging the contributions of law enforcement officers who go the extra mile—to remove the threat of intoxicated motorists from the roads and by doing so, save untold numbers of lives that might have been shattered by the consequences of driving under the influence.

These commendations serve as a vivid reminder of the day-to-day risks and triumphs synonymous with police work, often going unseen but every swoop of the badge, the handcuff click; every arrest that unfurls beneath the swirling patrol car lights brings our community a step back from the ledge where the reaper patrols in the form of an unpredictable drunk driver at the wheel, so let’s salute Officers Moore and Davids for embodying the very spirit of diligence that MADD seeks to honor.