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Published on May 22, 2024
Nashville Fire Crews Probe Suspicious Blaze at Marley's Market South of DowntownSource: Google Street View

Early Wednesday morning, the Nashville Fire Department responded to a fire at Marley’s Market, located just south of downtown Nashville. Crews were dispatched to the 140 block of Lafayette Street shortly after 3:30 a.m., according to WKRN. Upon arrival, firefighters found a fully engulfed pickup truck and a market with a broken front window, sparking an investigation into a possible connection between the two events.

The fire, which emitted from the roof of Marley’s Market and engulfed a vehicle parked adjacent to the store, was extinguished within an hour, while the vehicle fire was also put out before it could inflict further damage; this was reported by WSMV. The Nashville Fire Chief, Chris Downing, described how crews forced entry into the market and suppressed the inferno, with additional efforts to control the spread of the fire to the roof, "We were able to force entry into the front door and make it a quick attack to knock that fire down," Downing said, in an interview acquired by FOX 17, "At that point we laddered to the roof and were able to control the roof."

While fire officials deem the incident "suspicious in nature," no explicit details concerning the inception of the blaze or the broken market window have surfaced. Firefighters were able to contain the situation, preventing the vehicle fire from penetrating the structure, and a thorough investigation is ongoing to determine the exact cause of these two distinct fires that struck Marley’s Market and the adjacent truck.

Substantial damage has been inflicted on the interior of Marley's Market and Restaurant, located on the 100 block of Lafayette Street, where the market's interior now bears the harsh testament of the flames; this was noted by fire investigations who are yet to determine if the fires are of a suspicious origin or a mere coincidence. Despite the challenges posed, the fire did not claim the market entirely, and no injuries were reported as of the latest updates from the Nashville Fire Department.