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Published on May 27, 2024
New Hampshire State Police Crack Down on Speeding, Issuing 60 Tickets Over Memorial Day WeekendSource: New Hampshire State Police

New Hampshire State Police cracked down on speeding over Memorial Day weekend on Interstate 95. They issued 60 tickets to drivers going over 90 mph, according to a State Police release.

Troopers from the Special Enforcement Unit and Troop A teamed up with State Police aircraft to monitor traffic flow efficiently. Over a span of days dedicated to remembrance and reflection, they observed 100 traffic violations. Among these, 52 were motorists who threw caution to the wind, barreling down the highway at speeds exceeding 90 mph, while a brazen 8 were caught driving recklessly at a blistering 100 mph or more, as reported by New Hampshire State Police.

But the police were not solely fixated on speeders. A variety of other violations caught their attention—examples include lapses in child restraint, tailgating, and operating a vehicle after suspension. The lawmen and women of New Hampshire were as vigilant as ever, ensuring that safety trumped speed on these oft-traveled roads.

The weekend's high-speed drama hit a peak when, on the morning of May 26, the Maine State Police unsuccessfully attempted to pull over a vehicle romping over the 90 mph speed limit on I-95. Undeterred, the suspect crossed state lines into New Hampshire, where aerial reinforcements from the Granite State took to the skies and located the speedster. With precision, the Troopers brought an end to the high-octane chase, detaining the operator for the Maine authorities to take over.

Quite simply, the message from the New Hampshire State Police is straightforward: slow down, minimize distractions, and keep your eyes on the road, especially during these heavily trafficked holiday times. Their tools might be modern, but their message is as old as asphalt itself: safety is paramount, and they'll be watching.