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Published on May 01, 2024
Prescott Salutes Western Heritage with Lt. Ernest A. Love Tribute, Artist Bill Nebeker HonoredSource: City of Prescott, Arizona

Prescott, Arizona, a city that cherishes its wild west roots, unveiled a tribute to its local hero Lt. Ernest A. Love last month at Prescott Regional Airport. A bronze statue crafted by acclaimed Prescott artist Bill Nebeker now greets visitors with an emblem of the city's storied past. Nebeker, whose sculptures garnish various American landscapes, was applauded during a dedication ceremony for his and other artists' contributions to Prescott’s aesthetic legacy, according to the City of Prescott, Arizona.

This homage to Prescott's cultural heritage doesn't stop there, with artists such as Solon Borglum, the lesser-known yet equally talented brother of Mt. Rushmore's Gutzon Borglum, having made his mark in the town's central plaza with the famed "Roughrider" statue. Borglum's works, immersed in the spirit of the frontier, have not only adorned the local landscape but also gained international attention at events like the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, as the mayor proudly pointed out.

Meanwhile, George Phippen has been immortalized not only in bronze with his piece "Cowboy in a Storm," but also in spirit through the Phippen Museum, established in his honor. Phippen's artwork has been seminal in portraying the trials and life of the American cowboy. Dedicated in 2018, his monumental bronze continues to command the attention of roundabout travelers and was mentioned as an iconic piece by the mayor, as per the City of Prescott, Arizona.

Bringing us full circle, Nebeker's inspiration to sculpt was kindled by Phippen's very own exhibition back in 1964, leading to a decades-long journey of creative expression. In addition to the tribute at the airport, Nebeker's "Early Prescott Settlers" and "If Horses Could Talk" are among the other sculptures enhancing Prescott's streets. The fallen officer's memorial also stands as a poignant piece in his public art collection, as reported by the City of Prescott, Arizona.