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Published on May 23, 2024
Rancho Santa Fe Firefighters Stop 17-Acre Brush Fire Threatening Homes, High Tension LinesSource: Google Street View

Flames were halted as firefighters contained a brush fire spanning 17 acres in Rancho Santa Fe on Wednesday, reported The San Diego Union-Tribune. The blaze, which ignited near Santa Fe Knolls Lane and Artesian Road just before 1 p.m., had local authorities worried for nearby high tension power lines and residential homes.

Efforts to subdue the flames included both aerial and terrestrial responses. "We were concerned about some high tension power lines and homes in the area," Cal Fire Capt. Mike Cornette told The San Diego Union-Tribune. An evacuation warning swept through Santa Fe Knolls Lane, urging residents to prepare for immediate departure. The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department stressed that populations with accessibility needs or large animals should not wait and instead evacuate preemptively.

A temporary refuge was established at 4S Ranch Sports Park for those displaced by the fire, according to AlertSanDiego. As the afternoon wore on, by 2:05 p.m., firefighters were able to announce a stop to the fire's advance. Although the warning was lifted later that evening, firefighting teams remained on site to tackle any sudden flare-ups.

Cornette said what was originally estimated at 4 acres roughly doubled in size to 17 acres. Teams continued to work into the night, ensuring that the blaze was under control and residents could safely return to their homes unmolested by the threat of a wildfire resurgence.